7 Tips For a Smooth House Move

You have secured your new dream house in Northwich and surrounding areas, and the only thing remaining is to wait for moving day! It’s a thrilling time for anyone, single, couple, or family, and it’s easy to let the excitement get the better of you. In most cases, you will have a mountain of belongings to move from one property to another, so by planning in advance, you can make that move as smooth, efficient, and stress-free as possible. 1.    Declutter in advance It’s alway

7 Easy Ways to Save a Deposit For Your First Home

Lots of people dream of no longer living with their parents or throwing money at their landlord every month and instead buying their own home in Northwich and surrounding areas. However, one of the things that often stands in the way of first time buyers is raising a deposit. The average house price in the UK is just over £234k, and nearly all mortgages require a 5% deposit, so that’s a large amount to save. With this in mind, here are some ways you can raise the cash to get

Post Lockdown House Move in Northwich and surrounding areas? Here’s What to Expect

In May, the UK government started the process of easing lockdown restrictions. Along with allowing people to exercise outdoors for longer and sunbathe in parks, they also reopened the housing market, which is excellent news for those who have been waiting to move home, and especially those who are keen to sell their property. If you’re planning on selling your home in Northwich and surrounding areas post-lockdown, you may have no idea what to expect. The good news? The Good E

When is the Best Time to Put my House on the Market?

There is a dance we do when it comes to buying and selling a property! In most cases, you’ll want to sell your property first and then buy another property second because this means having a greater deposit to work with and enough funds to cover all your moving costs. If you sell at the right time, then you can potentially sell your house fast and for the asking price or, if you can start a bidding war between multiple interested parties, in some cases, greater than the askin

Our Top 10 Tips for Finding the Perfect Rental Property

Renting is definitely having its moment, with the number of households living in the private rented sector continually increasing. In fact, an estimated one fifth of the UK population now live in rented accommodation. Some may claim that this is because UK families have been priced out of the buying market. However, the latest English Housing Survey states otherwise, with 84% of respondents saying that they are satisfied with their rented accommodation and 72% stating that th

What is the Difference Between Freehold and Leasehold?

Buying a new home is a commitment, and it’s not one that you should ever take lightly. It’s also not something you should go into blind. Having a deposit saved up, looking at your budget, knowing what you need from the property ahead of time – all of these things will help immensely when buying a house. Knowing the difference between a freehold and a leasehold is also important as it can impact which properties in Northwich and surrounding areas you will be looking at as a wh

Will Coronavirus Affect House Prices?

Unsurprisingly, this is one of the most asked questions we’re hearing right now. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, many people, entirely understandably want to know will coronavirus affect house prices. After all the Brexit uncertainty, there has been a recent period when the property market has bounced back with plenty of new instructions and with sales also looking healthy here at The Good Estate Agent, Northwich . A momentum had developed, so with coronavirus impacting the whol

Stamp Duty Holiday: Everything You Need to Know

There has been much excitement here at The Good Estate Agent, Northwich following the Chancellor’s announcement that stamp duty has been abolished for properties under £500,000 in England and Northern Ireland. This is excellent news for the property market in Northwich and surrounding areas, so we wanted to update you on everything you need to know if you are thinking of purchasing a property in Northwich and surrounding areas. What is Stamp Duty? First up, let’s go back to b